Developments at Giffin

The Paint finishing market future is an interesting topic to broach and leads one to seriously consider the tumultuous years the industry has just survived through.


Recent creation of the R&D Department with emphasis on using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and experiments to guide conceptualization and development of innovative products.


Giffin R&D has High Performance Computers (HPC), a full-featured experimental test booth, and highly trained professionals dedicated to analyze current and foreseen paint technology problems and propose innovative solutions for the industry.

Typical Supporting Studies

Giffin R&D can use the power of CFD, plant site calibration/tests and experiments to find the best solution for your particular problem.

Giffin Elite Technologies



  • ELITE™ is the New Efficient Scrubbing Technology by Giffin's R&D
  • Inspired by Nature
  • Minimum Energy Loss Shape
  • Increases Capturing Efficiency While Reducing Energy and Water Usage
  • Reduces Cleaning Cost (Clean Under Section and No Mist Eliminators)
  • Reduces Under Section Depth
  • Reduces Noise



  • From Concept to Design ELITE™ Development Made Extensive Use of CFD, Small Scale Experiments and Full Scale Tests