GIFFIN diversified into many different avenues of construction but none are more challenging than that of ASME fabrication of pressure vessels.

Thousands of manhours have been meticulously devoted to securing and maintaining the highest level of authorized fabrication under ASME certification.  Achieving this stellar position allows GIFFIN to manufacture equipment to meet the stringent requirements of medium to high pressure equipment from compressed air or filter vessels to annealing furnaces and autoclaves.

In addition to the ASME ‘U’ stamp, GIFFIN has acquired the European equivalent, CE, affording manufacturing systems to meet oversea requirements as well. Requirements to achieve this status involve many manhours of calculation compilation, certification of weld procedures and processes and approval through our authorizing agent all in preparation to present for final approval to the distinguished members of the ASME board.

Achieving the honor has established GIFFIN in a very elite and select group of manufacturers where quality and performance are paramount to the end product.

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