GIFFIN has had a long history of developing custom decks and enclosures to suit every manufacturing need from light industrial to automotive to heavy industrial. Decks and miscellaneous enclosures have been constructed to meet every manufacturing need. From simple decks for the purpose of inspections and audits, to more complicated structures that include spot repair of finishes and light painting. GIFFIN also works with the more challenging work environments that integrate custom variable controlled lighting, rail systems, downdraft or side draft air supplies, automatically adjustable and varying work platforms along with attention to ergonomic features required of demanding workforces. Custom finishes from epoxy coated surfaces to elaborate wood flooring can be accommodated or selected from a list of standard features for affordable decks and booths.

GIFFIN will work with our customers to determine the exact needs of their process, and to design the space to accommodate either manual operations or robotic applications.

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